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Our Services

Carely NRI

CarelyNRI is a parental-care platform that provides comprehensive care for the elderly.CarelyNRI is a one-stop solution for all your planning needs while traveling to India, including medical planning along with hassle-free transportation and your search ends here for accommodation that suits your needs.

Our Services

Parental Services

We provide care for your elderly parents, from 24/7 helpdesk support to elderisation counselling at affordable rates .We can help with domestic travel arrangements,along with medical checkups, and medication delivery.Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your parents are in good hands.

Medical Services

Our medical team can help you schedule appointments with renowned doctors and medical facilities across India.

This services is helpfull to make sure your eldarly parents are always in check with respect to their health.


Airport pickup and drop: Hassle-free transfer to your hotel.

Chauffeur service: Safe and reliable transportation.

local travel needs.

Car rental: Explore India at your own pace.We can assist you in renting a car during your stay in India.


We can recommend local stays that are comfortable and convenient. We have a variety of options to choose from, including hotels, resorts, and apartments. We can also help you find a stay that is near your medical appointments or other activities.



"I was so nervous about coming back to India after living abroad for so long. But your services made the whole process so easy and stress-free. I couldn't have done it without you!"

- Anjali, Dubai

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